The Illusion Of Sickness

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The Illusion Of Sickness

The Illusion Of Sickness

Have you wondered – the act of eating your favorite snack for example has its root first in the form of idea or a thought in mind and the physical manifestation happens .

Everything originates in the mind .

Same is with sins and diseases or life situations.

Many of us only think of the manifestation of a disease or life situation as physical , but it originates in the mind first through your own thoughts .

Many diseases which are not completely curable with modern medicine are actually due to past and current Janma papa (sins of previous and current birth)only, says sasthra .

“Poorva janma kritham papam vyadiroopena bhadhadhey” that is ”

The sins of previous births will affect as diseases”.

Ayurveda hence recommending Daivajna Chikithsa which is the treatment by depending on divine principles.

How papa or sins generating diseases ?

This so called Sins are nothing but the wrong mental imprints registered in the mind through wrong associations and wrong guidance and wriing habits .

It will be affecting the mind that is due to the papa Bhala, mind will not function properly .

This will make the imbalance of vatha , pitha , Kabha ( Air, Fire , Water) in the body which will become the cause for many diseases.

Through the Prayaschitha Karma that is act of atonement , once the papam or sin is removed , mind will start function properly .

The Vatha , Pitha , Kabha will be balanced and diseases will go away .

Like how when the roots is destroyed, even the biggest tree will fell down , once the papa is totally removed , even the most severe disease will be get cured .

Behold your own wonder !

Hari Om🙏💐

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