Thanks giving & Deepawali Meals and Blanket Seva

Hari Om Divine Soul ,

Just as every year for the past decade or so , we are doing Thanks giving and Deepawali meals supply and also Blanket distribution to the homeless.

1. Blankets For Homeless: We are going to distribute to multiple homeless shelters in US and India that we have been partnering since last many years.

Temperatures are going to turn chilli in East coast US and in India as well and while we are fortunate enough to have all the comforts at our home, not far from our neighborhoods, our less-fortunate fellow brothers and sisters (and their little kids) will have a hard time at shelters with limited blanket supplies.

Each blanket is $5.42 / Rs 400 .

2. Food for Thanks giving meals – In coordination with Blue Ridge Food Bank( Largest food bank in East coast ).

$1 to provide food for 4 meals
$25 to provide food for 100 meals
$50 to provide food for 200 meals
$75 to provide food for 300 meals
$100 to provide food for 500 meals

Please come join this Selfless Seva in promoting Vasudaiva Kutumbam – world as one family for this Festive season. Spread the word by sharing the link with friends, coworkers and families.

Hari Om🙏💐
Vasudaiva Kutumbam Intl -Universal Oneness team.

You can submit your details here :

For Payments From USA

For Payments From India