Liability Release

Participants as well as their agents or invitee shall hold harmless and indemnify Vasudaika Kutumbam International and Conscious Reality  (hereafter referred to as the VK Intl ), including its officers, employees, volunteers, contractors, agents or members from and against any claim, loss, injury, damage, liability or any expenses including but not limited to attorney fees, court costs, etc, arising out of or in any way resulting from acts or omissions of the VK Intl ’s officers, employees, volunteers, agents, contractors, members, invitees for the duration of the program. This paragraph includes, but is not limited to defense and indemnity for any claim, suit, compliant or cross-compliant which may be brought against the VK Intl  by any person or organization in conjunction with this agreement, regardless whether the VK Intl  is negligent actively, passively, or in any way at all. Portions of this agreement that may be rendered unenforceable under the existing law at the time will not render other legally enforceable parts null or void.

Privacy Policy

The family’s contact information provided to the VK Intl will be used only for internal purposes. If any of this information is to be used in flyers, websites, or other publicity material, we will do so only with your permission. From time to time, for publicity purposes, VK INTL will publish photos of members taken at different VK Intl sessions or events, without identifying the members. If we have to identify the members, we will do so only with your prior permission.