The Reality of Division

The idea of division was not created

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Reality Of Division

Reality Of Division

vikalpo vinivarteta kalpito yadi kenacit |
upadeśādayaṃ vādo jñāte dvaitaṃ na vidyate ||

The talk and idea of Division can go away if it has been created by somebody.

But This idea (of division) is meant not to live in divisions but the sake of
teaching. There is no duality after knowledge is dawned upon .

There are two methods of destroying a pot. One is to break it. The other method is by the knowledge that there is no substance called pot, but pot is a word given to a form of clay for transaction.

Once We understand this, in my vision the substance called pot does not exist.

The word ‘pot’ alone exists. For a Vedānta jñāni, the world is nothing but a word, the substance called world does not exist.

The only existing thing is Turīyaṃ (Pure Consciousness) and everything else is name and form. I am that Turīyaṃ. This is the highest and the supreme teaching.

Behold your own wonder !

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