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Welcome to Vasudaika Kutumbam

Vasudaika Kutumbam International – Universal Oneness, Most famously known as VK Intl is a non-profit organization established with an aim of unravelling the scientific and technical dimensions  of Vedas and other ancient Indian scriptures. Its aim is to spread awareness of outputs from such powerful synthesis of scientific research and Ancient Wisdom through selfless service to promote global enlightenment, healing, Self-less service and wellness as taught through the techniques from Vedic and Yogic scriptures.

To bridge the gap between Ancient Sciences with its modern counterparts enabling the scientists to explore the scientific perspective of Ancient Wisdom, We have successfully fused Vedic Scholars and modern scientists onto a single platform giving them a higher chance of materializing the Science in the Vedas into discernible output. Also to bring awareness in modern mind and also work with many interfaith boards to culminate and fructify the highest knowledge to come into ground reality among common man.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is all about rejoicing life and Its Infinite possibilities with love and compassion as the guiding factors


Your MIND, BODY and SOUL balance through wellness practices and nurturing. Know YOURSELF


Participate in activities & workshops where we celebrate love & compassion and the beauty of being Human.


Stretch out your hand to help those in need. Join hands with us by volunteering or donating in our events.

We’re on a Mission to Help and revive energies by

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